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This purple pleochroic stone, with many colours seen when light passes through it, is steeped in mysticism. Amethyst truly is an ancient stone with jewellery pieces dating back to 2000BC. Originating from the Greek ‘Amethustos’ meaning without inebriation, drinking cups would be carved from amethyst so that whilst entertaining wealthy hosts could remain sober, drinking only water, as the glass would give the impression of wine. A symbol of royalty, piety and calm, a large stone is a feature of the British crown jewels and it is also said that St Valentine even wore a gold amethyst ring.Amethyst is celebrated as the symbolic gemstone for seventeenth wedding anniversaries, the birthstone for February and the astrological sign Pisces in the zodiac calendar.

Countries of Origin: Brazil, India, Namibia, Sri Lanka, United States, Uruguay, Zambia