Gemstone Cuts & Shapes

Gemstone Cuts & Shapes

The art of lapidary, the process of faceting, carving and tumbling gemstones, gives us lustrous and sparkling materials to set into jewellery. The shape and cut of a gemstone can be dictated by the size and state of the stone once mined, creating limitation but also possibility. Gemstones are cut to be beautiful and durable, allowing for all kinds of design possibilities to flourish. Different gemstones lend themselves to certain cuts and the aim of a gemstone cutter will be to preserve a particular quality in each gem such as fire, brilliance or lustre. Opaque gemstones look stunning as cabochon beads just as a diamond captivates when perfectly faceted. Learn more about the gemstone shapes and cuts we use in Gemondo jewellery here.

Round Cut

Heart Cut

Emerald Cut

Princess Cut

Pear Cut

Oval Cut

Octagon Cut

Radiant Cut

Cabochon Cut

Cushion Cut

Checkerboard Cut

Marquise Cut

Trillion Cut

Fancy Cut

Briolette Cut